Anjeza Angie Gega is an epitome of creativity, inspiration, and generosity. A multifaceted and talented Anjeza is a fast-rising singer/songwriter, actress, author, humanitarian, and most recently, a professional speaker. A woman of many creative endeavors, her motto "purposeful living" echoes in everything she passionately does. Her transitioning into various careers indicate her passion for growth. From empowering and entertaining music - to strong acting riles, published inspirational book, and funding her children nonprofit organization, she aims to inspire, empower, ignite, build, and mentor children, youths, and adults with the necessary emotional, verbal, and active tools to succeed in their life. Born and raised in a third world country where her mother could barely make her ends meet, and faced with many trial and obstacles, which she speaks of in her new book, "A heart that bleeds love" , limitation of freedom and life under communism didn't surpass her spirit, her dreams, nor her voice, but fueled her success.


Anjeza Angie Gega studied Psychology in Greece and graduated in Broadcasting and Communication in Usa. Having worked in fields that require facing large audiences and several practical experiences, she is confident, eloquent, and also engaging. Anjeza is a speaker that believes in actions and this is what she leaves the audience with- actions to overcome struggles, actions to maintain their success, actions to understand their power within and follow their purpose. Why should I listen to her ?- you might ask. Because, she saw it- she lived it- she overcame it. Her work and strength come from faith, self-taught love, forgiveness, respect, discipline, work, and commitment.


Anjeza’s program, "Power Within" is the fire she shares with her audiences to help them realize the authenticity and power within them. The light she has found - she wants to share with others. The lessons she learned on the path she walked on- she wants to gift to others. Because in everything she does, thinks, plans, and envisions - UNITY, LOVE, and PEACE take an advance position.

To love YOU

To forgive THEM

To let go of IT

......Are an echo of her existence…

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Janice O., Program Manager GNC

“Anjeza Angie Gega is one of the most caring, hardworking people I’ve ever met. Her dedication to people and seeing them succeed is second to none”

R.J Tolson, Best Selling Author

“Angie’s energy is infectious, when she walks into a room, everyone can’t help but step up and become better. She is the real deal.” 


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