You chose to be human

Light may pierce darkness and darkness may seek light

But they can't coexist... It's just like the moon and the sun

They may meet for few seconds while transitioning

but they belong to opposite realities

I asked you to be my star so I could be the moon...

I asked you to be my sky so I could be the sun

But you chose to be human... looking up to me

Admiring and desiring ... but never around

You chose to be the poet and write to me

But I am an alien in this world -I don't comprehend words

as a Sun- I wake up every morning to give

as a Moon - I wake up every night to heal

Your Pain ....with Patience and Prayers

I don't understand words ... I understand actions...

I don't understand wishes... I understand movement...

I don't understand hope...I understand active faith

So we got lost in the space...

You being a poet ...and me the one you'll never have

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© 2020 by Anjeza Angie Gega

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