Balance - I should know a thing or two about it.

After all I am the carrier of such sign. The universe gave birth to me in the balance year as if it was trying to say ... this is the tool you will mostly need to succeed in life.

But I feel guilty...

Being born and raised in a country where everything was not enough- you learn to wake up everyday and find ways to make things happen ... to tie lose ends ... to ignite a new spark, to fill up holes, to cover nakedness ...

It’s your life journey of being a fixer - a provider for yourself and others ... being it physical - emotional - financial are always on the run - run the race ... and you sleep only when eyes are too heavy ... when night is too dark ... when your body gives up ... You push yourself to the end every day ... because you always need to fulfill something ... because there is always something missing ....

One side of the balance always tipped - always heavier

Until when - I ask myself?

Fight to achieve

Fight to resist

Fight to heal

Fight to protect

Fight for justice

Fight for love

I can feel my body tightening through every fight and I seek to SURRENDER …surrender in the arms of LOVE …the arms of PEACE… THE arms of GOD…

Deep Breath….

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