Inhibition of freedom only increases the appetite to have it more ... to seek it relentlessly - and love it profoundly


Anjeza was born and raised in Albania, a third world communist country where having a VOICE was considered a curse yet despite her upbringing she danced her way to freedom and independence making a name for herself. 


At age of 8 a physical education teacher self diagnosed her with “a faulty body bone structure” suggesting she should take dance classes as part of the treatment. 

Have you ever believed that a curse can turn into a blessing? 

Well, now you will. 


She spent hours learning and achieving exercises that even sport students couldn’t. They called it “special force” - an ability acquired by much training -yet she was born with it and it was that gift that got her into competitive aerobic dancing. 


At age of 9 ANJEZA travelled to Germany to compete as a dancer and her team won the 6th place in a world competition. 

Aerobic dance competitions turned into pop dance shows- festivals- tv shows- beauty competitions-tv appearances, and modeling shows  all while she continued her education and became trilingual by the age of 15. (Albanian- Italian-English) 


With no training - no guidance- no encouragement - no family to attend her shows because they had to make the ends meet - she was able to conquer a lot - but it was never enough. 

“In my country, everything felt so small, suffocating, narrow mentality, little dreams, dark storylines, and no freedom and yet I was the caterpillar that craved her wings.” 


Always looking for a way to escape she made her way to Greece alone where she studied Psychology and was hired as a back up dancer for celebrity greek singers.

“Greece was rough - It beat me to the ground - but It also made me strong…really strong” 


Told to have a unique alto sound where only 1% of females could reach inspired her to attend music auditions - meet a music manager and be hired immediately after on a summer singing contract.


Greece led to NY and NY led to LA. 

Studying- interning- dance shows- music recordings- theater plays - films - working full time. Passionate and Hungry - Grateful and Persistent, Relentless and Unapologetic- and always embracing the VOICE she always sought- Truth- Character -and Honesty 


“Dance gave me confidence and strength- Music gave me the voice to tell stories- Film gave me an opportunity to be real and appreciate my journey” 


And then she fell in love…with Spanish. 

She danced it and she sung it, but it wasn’t enough - so she learned speaking and writing it from tv shows.  


“ Everything is better in Spanish - the sound- the music - the prayers -the dance - the love - the passion- the stories. The world should be painted in Spanish” - she says smiling 


During her many trips to Italy- Germany-Greece- Bahamas- Puerto Rico- Mexico- India she noticed the beauty and happiness of cultures that had nothing and lived like had it all- and there was one thing they had in common- they sang and they danced. 

And it was that beauty and fluidity that sparked her desire to embrace a music genre that united people, made them feel free- and empowered them. 


Consistently living in a multi cultural world she learned that - Latin music was passionate and happy.  Albanian and Greek music was melodious and nostalgic. Italian music was romantic and warm. Turkish music sounded very folclóric. Arab sound was filled with history and enigma. French music had an attitude and character.The more she saw the more she loved. 


“Vibrant - captivating - passionate - innovative- electrifying-driven- rebellious - and entertaining ... You can’t help but love her - respect her - and admire her” - La Times 

ANJEZA is an accomplished singer/songwriter. Her music depicts a versatile story of her self discovery - infused with different sounds - of Latin/Urban genres and classical exotic colors that highlight the authenticity of her journey


A professional multifaceted and multilingual singer, actress, author, speaker, award-winning dancer and founder of BECHLEM, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that uses art to mentor children to a better future. Her aim is to empower and make an emotional and financial difference in the world for women and children.  


Her credits include MTV shows- La Times- Las Vegas performances- guest starring in a Spanish telenovela- voice over for NBC/ABC productions, music played on national and international radio stations to mention a few. 


Anjeza Angie Gega holds two degrees, in Broadcasting and Communications while also having studied Psychology at the affiliated UK Sheffield University of Greece. She has a knowledge of more than 4 languages, and sings in 9 of them. Anjeza has released multiple singles and music videos. With a background in directing, producing and choreographing plus a published inspirational book and another in the works... she’s simply unstoppable!