The path to enlightenment is Long. The book of mistakes is thick. The desires can draw a masterpiece of stars in the sky. The tears of pain can fill an ocean. No matter what, we stand composed ... Assured that tomorrow will be different, better, or remain the same amazing way it was.... because it WILL... Faith has the power to make these miracles come true.

Come and discover a path I didn’t walk alone... conclusions I didn’t create on my own... Come and discover a piece of my heart that was created from your lives .

Inspiring quotes...lessons learned... Raw truths... All wrapped by LOVE and FORGIVENESS ... First for yourself and then for others, because we are worth it, because we are precious in the eyes of the True Perfection.



The Book

The Book


About The Author


Anjeza Angie Gega was born in Tirana, Albania. The Daughter of a science teacher and a mechanic father, both of whom were artistically talented but couldn’t pursue it because of political control and limitations. Against all odds, relying on her passions, inherited artistic talents, and an outspoken attitude of “I will do what feels right”, Anjeza Angie Gega decided to listen to her desires more than her fears. Reading, Dancing, Singing, Studying, Acting, Creating and embracing extracurricular physical activities were the highlight of her childhood while coping with the economic status of her family. Never crying about her past nor complaining about the present, she constantly kept her eyes into the future. Anjeza is a professional singer, actress, dancer, and author that aims to make an emotional and financial positive difference in the world. Her professional world trips, since a very early age, reinforced an early maturity and objective view of the world, which then inspired this quote book that aims to wake up some hope, strength, enlightenment, inspiration, and self-realization. Anjeza Angie Gega holds two degrees, one in Broadcasting and another in Communication. She also studied Psychology in the affiliated UK Sheffield University located in Greece. After interning to become a part time journalist while being an artist, she realized that TV media was too politically corrupt and controlled for her to be part of it. She chose a different path, a path that will take her away from suppression of truth, into a circle where making a difference came from a genuine resource of love. Bringing truth is strongly echoed in many of her quotes. She doesn’t write to impress, but rather to identify, admit mistakes, find strength, suggest better choices, and overcome negativity by embracing light. “I am far from perfect. I haven’t conquered life. I haven’t magically become permanently smart and never mistaken after bad choices. I still fall, crawl, cry, smile... but most importantly I try again... I stand up. Many of these quotes are not preaching... but alerting others and my conscience as well... Mind for some reason believes faster the information that comes from outside. So I chose to trick my mind and teach her something as an outsider” -she says about her book. She hopes her experiences and thoughts in this quote book will be perceived well by a diverse audience and they will make a difference in their life, because she lives for it.


I highly recommend the book, it has accelerated my awakening, i connected with this book and To those who are looking for a book that will help you grow whole, into oneness to all that is i highly recommend this book , it has opend my mind and soul to healing from within outwardly. Its the most amazing book i have ever read, the talent of the writer my soul felt to dephtness of her soul that triggered me to deep healing . I find myself reading this book often ,and never getting tired of it. This book it is truely magical
I highly recommend it.

Much sincere love to all and blessings,

- Ed Gonzalez


© 2020 by Anjeza Angie Gega

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